Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ass Doctors, Dog Butts, and Fat Rolls (Sounds like a party!)

If you're like me, you love tuning onto the Discovery Channel and watching Bear Grylls devour deer hearts. That's just good TV. A lot of people debate who is better- Bear or Survivorman- Les Stroud. I'm a Bear fan myself. Les could do a little more deer hunting and a little less walking. And while we're discussing Discovery, is it just me, or does every occupation have a TV show? There's fishermen of all types, lumberjacks, truckers, anything dirty, et cetera. What about the unsung heroes of America? I'm talking about the ass doctors, the dental hygienists, and the guys who paint the lines on the road. I'm sure they have their fair share of adventures.

If you put sunglasses on your dog's ass, take a good long look in the mirror because you're a freak.

I just HAVE to talk about this:

A 500 lb.  Texas inmate was charged after officials discovered the he had a gun hidden in his ROLLS OF FAT. He was searched on arrival but the gun wasn't found. He admitted to having it during a shower break.
First of all- you have to have some pretty hefty rolls to hide a gun.
Second- I wonder if he hides other things in there? If so, does he lose things?
Third- Kudos to him for using his body in new and exciting ways. I would be to angry at myself for getting to 500 lbs to be that creative.
Fourth- Unfortunately for the guards, they are now going to have to search inside fat rolls for concealed weapons.

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